Selling a Home

Conveyancing When Selling

Selling a property can be a complex and nerve wracking experience. Our Property and Conveyancing team will make sure the process is trouble free, giving you peace of mind. We look after the entire process for you, starting with preparing the contract for sale, through to settlement, at which time the purchaser takes possession of the property and you receive the sale proceeds, making sure you are informed at every step along the way.

When you decide to sell your property there are several steps you will need to consider.

Preparation of the Contract for Sale

Before your property can be advertised for sale a contract must be prepared with all required documents attached. We can prepare the contract for you and will order all of the documents required immediately. The contract contains certain standard terms however we will ensure that special conditions are added which will be of benefit to you and ensure the sale proceeds smoothly. We take great care in preparing the contract to make sure there are no problems which could possibly allow the purchaser to withdraw from the contract. We also ensure that the draft contract is forwarded to the agent as soon as possible so your property can be placed on the market at the first opportunity.

Exchange of Contracts

A buyer has now been found for your property and the price has been agreed upon. We will prepare the final contract for you and where necessary negotiate with the purchaser’s solicitor over any conditions they may have, ensuring you are protected at all times, explaining the effect of any changes with professional advice. We then arrange for you to sign the contract and proceed to exchange.

Upon exchange of contracts the purchaser would usually have the benefit of a 5 business day cooling off period, commencing on the first business day after the date of the contract. During this time the purchaser can pull out of the contract for any reason they like, however they would forfeit 0.25% of the purchase price paid as a holding deposit. If necessary we can arrange for the purchaser to waive this cooling off period by requiring them to provide a Section 66W Certificate.

Exchange of Contracts to Settlement

After contracts are exchanged we will arrange for documents such as the transfer to be signed along with taking care of all other legal requirements. We will contact your lender and arrange for any mortgage held over the property to be discharged, confirm the payout figure on your loan and ensure your lender is ready for settlement. We will receive and carefully check settlement calculations provided by the purchaser’s solicitor. We attend settlement on your behalf and deal with the sale proceeds as you require.

The Property and Conveyancing team at Berryman Partners will always listen to you and look after your best interests, preparing a carefully and professionally drafted contract for sale which will prevent delay and costly legal issues which could otherwise arise.


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